Konstantinos Chronakis, started his DJ career in the mid-90s as DJ SULO. His first Love was HipHop, but he quickly fell even deeper in Love with Housemusic, and soon he was spinning the Wheels of Steel in the legendary M1 Club in Stuttgart. At this time his Repertoire went from Deephouse, to Electro and Techno. He played in some of Stuttgarts best Radioshows and also got a resident job at evosonic radio in a show called Cosmiumradio, which was voted the best show at that Time. Listeners steadily loved his mixes. From the beginning, he used his HipHop influences, to spice up his Housemixes. He soon became a resident DJ at the M1 Club. That time, he shared Dorknobs with big stars like, Sven Väth, Der Dritte Raum, Jeff Mills, Richi Hawtin, Carl Cox, Dj Rush, Toni Rios, Frank Lorber, Gayle Sun and many Others. He allways had a very musical approach to doing mixes, as he is a percussionplayer as well. Loads of Gems saw him as one of the greatest to ever do it, after experiencing a heated up, full 5-hours Sulo-Set. At the time, he also recorded major events such as, the Loveparade, Nature One, Liberty One and many others. He soon became known throughout Germany and played in Berlin, Leipzig, Franfurt (U 60 3011) and many other cities, followed by gigs in Croatia, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Spain (privilege ibiza, Space Ibiza) and others. In 2001 he won the coveted subcultural award in Stuttgart for the best techno dj in Baden-Württemberg, though he had no beats to call his own yet. This has never happened before. In 2003 he received a request for a double mix compilation (Schranz fusion) from EDEL rec. Te Compilation sold so well, he had to make a second one straight away. Shortly afterwards he took over the radio station in which he had his first resident job. He won second place after Sven Väth, as the most popular dj on evosonic radio. In the following years he developed his Productionskills. It took some years of deep digging until he released his first Cuts on Digitalroom rec., Projektile Music and De-Generation rec. His track „My Beat“ made it into the Best of LW soulful compilation which features other very well-known artists. Nowadays he is a Crete-Resident, where he has his roots. He plays different instruments like Nay, an Egyptian traditional longitudinal flute and different percussion. His productions combine all of the above, in a very Genre-bridging way. International understanding of a different kind. He doesn't like to feed just one Genre. He loves to combine genres, and make it sound like an own Genre.