Misura AKA Mario Conteddu have been making music since 1992, and made his first steps in Sardinia, Italy, playing piano/keyboards with rock bands. In mid 90s, he got closer to hip hop culture, and started exploring turntablism and sampling, which led him to learn more about samplers, djing and synthesizers. At the age of 16, he bought his first sampler, a Roland S50, and that enabled him to take his very first steps toward electronic music production.
After years of dedication to djing, and learning how to make music with machines and computers, in 2004, he eventually moved to London to progress with his music career. In 2005, he attended a BSc in Music Informatics at University of Westminster and finally started producing and remixing records for several labels such as World Exclusive Records in the USA and Tall House in the UK.
Over the years, Misura had the opportunity to dj in some of the most popular London clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Rhythm and Factory, Xoyo, Egg and many others.
Nowadays, Misura owns a Nu Disco/Deep House label called Tum Cha Records, produces electronic dance music for eMBI Music from Frankfurt – Germany, Serendipity from London, and produce pop music for various Italian artists. 
Misura also goes by the names Radiotronic Enterprise and MaKon.