‘Concinnity’ is from Birmingham in the UK, and is an avid producer of music, with a vast amount of DJ’ing, engineering and production experience spanning over 10 years, 

he’s now ready to take the clubs and festivals by storm with a selection of music he likes to label #housewithatwist .


Concinnity’s musical journey began as a teenager, practicing his vinyl skills at home

while studying music technology & DJ’ing at local clubs and bars.

After a few years he became passionate about producing and engineering music himself, focusing on his love of house music, he mastered the mix down, ensuring 100% quality in all his work.

His finesse and dedication has not gone unnoticed, Sweet Female Attitude, Colonel Red and Kayleigh Gibson have all spent time in Concinnity’s studio as he’s worked his special magic on their music, he’s also worked heavily with Urban Dubz artists and producers on many projects.


Bob Marley and UB40 were often played in the house by Concinnity’s mum when he was younger, this early inspiration was also Influenced  by the perfection achieved by the likes of Prince, J Dilla Masters at work and Sean McCabe. 


Concinnity has had support from Jeremy Sylvester and the Urban Dubz team plus releases on Pogohouse, Smashing Trax, Bassball Records, Pointblank Records and Soul Revolution to name a few.

Concinnity is hard at work  progressing  his already exemplary workflow & strives and succeeds in hitting the mark time after time,digging through his back catalogue to find more quality tracks to release in 2020.


Keep those ears peeled.