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The word Serendipity means 'The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'.



Serendipity Music Group is an independent record label based Buckinghamshire (UK).

Our mission is to spread love through our artists and music. We always trust in the power of music and in the power of love. Our keyword is THANKFULNESS.

We collaborate with artists from different musical and cultural backgrounds, spacing from house to deep house music but also tapping on electronic and downtempo music. We are influenced by funk, soul, disco and jazz. 

Serendipity has a common objective: to create music with passion and love, always refusing to conform and follow trends, but creating instead our own unique sounds.

The founder of Serendipity is Mirko Dee, but in our house there is not a boss or an owner. We are a team. We are friends with a common passion, MUSIC, which always connects us together despite living in different parts of the planet. Our label has a few residencies in London and across the UK where we promote our sound through weekly gigs. We are constantly on the look out for new artists from around the world consisting of DJs, producers and musicians.
Our next plan is to open up a booking agency specialising in electronic music and also create dedicated playlists for larger chains such as hotels, restaurants and bars. 
These are a few names of our artists: Angelo Ferreri, Vertigini, Bonetti, Manuel Kane, Col Lawton, Mirko Dee, B&S Concept, Marc Noble, Hiast UK, Mirco Savoldelli, George Munro, Claborg, So.Close and more...

One last thing but not the least is our logo, the Pintadera. This wants to recall Sardinian symbolism, as many of our artists come from Sardinia, a land inhabited by a very ancient culture, the Nuragic civilisation.

The Pintadera is an archaeological artefact of circular shape and particular geometric patterns which was used as a decorative stamp throughout the Nuragic civilisation and it remains one of the most iconic symbols of our ancient land.

Serendipity wants to spread good vibes to everyone on our planet.

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